Lantern Chess for iPad and iPhone Support

Lantern Chess on iOS (itunes Preview Link/Univeral App) lets you play, watch games, and chat on the Internet Chess Club. It is a traditional command line interface that also has GUI methods for some common tasks like chatting, playing games or watching games.

For support contact lanternbugs at gmail

Additional support option:

In App input with command send prefix: tell 1 (my question), to talk to ICC's online helpers. This is particularly suited to gaining help with server commands.
Also input with command send prefix: info, or type: commands, to have a listing of informational help files or command help files. Then input with command send prefix: help (help file name) i.e. help alias, for help on that topic. So much text will be displayed and input with command send prefix: more, to display more of that help file if there is more text to display.
Useful help files include: help channels, help shout, help seek, help tell, help history, help examine, and help observe

About the Chess Pieces

Lantern Chess uses Maurizio Monge's Fantasy, Spatial, and Eyes Chess Pieces with his permission(We also use Eric De Mund's adaptation of the Alpha and Merida chess pieces. "alpha" refers to Eric Bentzen's free Truetype chess font named "Alpha" and "merida" refers to Armando H. Marroquin's free Truetype chess font named "Mérida". (More info on alpha and merida see http://ixian.com/chess/#other they available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License and used unmodified by Lantern). Update - as of Lantern Chess iOS 2.10 Lanern is using a third Eric De Mund's adaptation, the USCF pieces, also avaiable at the ixian.com/chess/#other link.

Update Feb 16 2019, I've learned the Alpha pieces by Eric Bentzen that De Mund adapted are only free for non commercial use. For commercial apps, Eric charges a fee of 50 eruos. He can be contacted at Eric at kan-hurtigt-skifte@sitestory.dk.