PulsarChess for iOS and Android

For an excellent source of information about this program and its history see the Chess Programming Wiki 's Pulsar page.

PulsarChess is a chess playing program that plays chess, Chess960, Atomic Chess, Loser's Chess and Crazyhouse, Three Checks and Giveaway. The last two are now free without an in App purchase as of version 1.2 iOS(always been free on Android). PulsarChess is based on the Pulsar Chess playing program for Computers(that uses winboard and xboard as the GUI) that was also developed by me, Mike Adams.

For support contact lanternbugs at gmail

Pulsar Chess uses Maurizio Monge's Fantasy, Spatial, and Eyes Chess Pieces with his permission. We also use Eric De Mund's adaptation of the Alpha, USCF and Merida chess pieces. "alpha" refers to Eric Bentzen's free Truetype chess font named "Alpha" and "merida" refers to Armando H. Marroquin's free Truetype chess font named "Mérida". (More info on alpha and merida see http://ixian.com/chess/#other they available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License and used unmodified by PulsarChess).

Update Feb 16 2019, I've learned the Alpha pieces by Eric Bentzen that De Mund adapted are only free for non commercial use. For commercial apps, Eric charges a fee of 50 eruos. He can be contacted at Eric at kan-hurtigt-skifte@sitestory.dk.

Pulsar's new icon was made for us by an artist friend.