things autogame does -- all optional.

1) can nodidle you

2) can log chat ( works when not playing rated) custimizable. just log one channel if you want. for more info on autogames logging see autogame-logging.html

3) can play the prime game in tells, channels, and shouts. someone says prime # like tell Mike prime 1213451 it will respond if the number is prime or what it can be factored by.

4) can send alias's at gamestart and gameend. aliases can be made to execute icc commands at game start or gameend such as a greeting to the opponent. customizable at gameened to send a different alias if the game ends with a win loss or draw.

gamestart alias can be made to do your first move as white. would be illegal move if your black. be highly specific in making this alias. example pe2e4, because if its an adjourned game you want it to be illegal.

5) checkboxes to have autogame finger and/or ping your opponent at game start.

6) checkbox to make you busy and not receive tells except from people on notify during a game. will do set busy 2 at beginning of game and set busy 0 at end. This enforces a form of quietplay that still keeps channels and shouts on.

7) you can make a file that contains lines that can be made to be your away message. autogame will rotate your away message after each tell you receive creating an effect like
tel mike hi
told mike who is dancing
tell mike your dancing?
told mike who is always trying to understand what he is being told.
tel mike oh i see
told mike who is drinking pepsi

You need to save a file called autogameaway.txt ( typically in the blitzin folder ) with away strings ( the thing you want to be your away message ) hitting enter after each line including the last, autogame can be made to randomly change your away message every time you get a tell.

8) can send an iloggedon command at login that you can alias. this can set variables that dont get saved from session to session like busy. you could set busy 2 when you log in if you dont like to get tells or set busy 1 so your away messages dont get errased when you type commands.

9) checkbox to ask autogame to print in console the descriptive name of a wild when you start a wild game. handy if your new to wild 29 or wilds and cant figure out the game by the number.

10) check box to at the end of the game have autogame issue the eco command so you can see what opening you played.

11) check box to at the end of the game issue examine -1. this puts you in examine mode after a game. icc has a command to do this. its set examine 1. but your opponet is made an observer and with autogame your examined game after a game is private.

12) checkbox to make your open variable be 0 at start of game. This will prevent rematches.