Lantern Chess iOS, Android, and computers Privacy Policy

Lantern Chess for iOS, Android, and computers does not collect any data. However when the user connects to ICC to play online(not required both opening study and engine play work offline on the mobile aps, icc connection is needed for all use on Java computer app) all data is seen by the server we connect to, ICC, and subject to their privacy policy.

Emails and other data sent to support can be saved. This is used to gauge customer feedback over time.

In compliance with COPPA (the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), we will not save knowingly any data from children under 13. If you are under 13 and contacting us or a parent please do not send personally identifiable information. If we find out a correspondence is from someone under 13 or are contacted about this we will purge any data sent to support after the issue is resolved. We do not share information sent to support with any third parties

Any changes in this policy will be updated here and also require an update of the App.

Note - on Android, Lantern Chess asks for the permission to access device storage when user goes to openings view. This is for the user to select PGN game files to open with our file chooser in app. Lantern Chess does not collect any information from any of this.

Effective January 1st, 2018. Lantern Chess is written and owned by Michael Ronald Adams, USA.