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Watching Chess Videos

The Events tab of the Activities Window in the Lantern interface always has some current chess videos to watch as well that when selected launch the video link in the user's browser. Click the checkmark next to the listing to watch.

Actions menu / Open Video's Page in Lantern Chess Interface

Lantern users can also go to Actions menu - Chess Videos to open the Chessclub videos page. This will launch the user's browsers. For Mac users, the iPad app adapted to Mac as a Mac Catalyst app has 50 current videos to choose from to watch in-app. Search for this, Lantern Chess in Mac or iOS App stores.

Always login to the chessclub videos pages for full length access.

Chess Broadcasts - less common

This scenarios is a less common one if a chess broadcast is run. From the top menu bar, the user can select Actions / Open ChessFM to open the ChessFM webpage, in the user's external browser. There is a link, along the top, to the Videos page, or the user can scroll down the page to ChessFM offerings, logging in to see them in full length. relays grandmaster chess games, from major tournaments and events, with audio commentary and analysis. When a chess broadcast is in progress, the user can activate Actions / Follow Broadcast- When On, to follow the Broadcast chess board (When On indicates that there is no adverse effect when the Broadcast account is not logged on). Closing the observed board is not sufficient to stop following, hence Actions / Stop Following may be used. Once following Broadcast, the user can go to Actions / Open ChessFM and start the chess radio show.

Note Nov 11th 2016 - the radio is currently down at the chessfm web site(though you can get videos there). To listen to the radio that goes with a broadcast, the user needs to download the file at this link, , and drag it into an application (or open with an application) that can play asx files such as VLC. VLC is a free media player on all platforms from Windows to Mac to Linux. When I open that link on my Mac it tries to open the file using VOX for me which cant play it, but the file also still downloaded to downloads and I could drag it onto VLC to play.

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