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Changing the Look and Feel of Chess Board

From the Board menu, the user can select a chess board and a chess piece set from the Boards and Pieces submenus, respectively. If a board is open, the changes will reflect immediately on the board. Select File / Save Settings to save this setting for future sessions (the user is also offered to save settings when closing Lantern).

Board menu and Things to Hide and Show submenu

Other options in the Board menu include:

Board Design:
The user can choose between board layouts: Modern and Original, from the Board Design submenu. This affects the right side of the board, with the move list, etc. The Mixed choice uses Modern when the board is maximized and Original otherwise.
On the Things to Hide or Show submenu:
Highlight Moves: Draws a border around the origin and destination squares for the last move.
Material Count: On by default. Shows the material count on the board following the time control (Q=9, R=5, B=N=3, P=1).
Draw Coordinates: On by default. Draws the coordinates A-H and 1-8 around the outside of the board. The font size scales approximately with the board size.
Show Examine Mode Palette: Provides a piece palette to right of board, when examining, to drag pieces onto the board when setting up a position. Drag the ×, between the white and black pieces on the palette, to remove pieces.
Show Flags: Draws country flags for the players on the board.
Show Ratings on the Board When Playing: If turned off, then, when a user plays a game, Lantern will not show their or their opponent's rating.
Show Observers in Games: Prints (since version 4.71) observers as they join or leave a game in the game console.
Board Console:
Choose the size of the board console, remove it, or change its location on the board. If removed, board console output will go to the M0 (main console) tab. Ctrl + C typed from board console will cycle through board console sizes.
Board Squares Colors:
Can set the light and dark square colors if the user chooses the Solid Color Board under Board / Boards.
On the Board Colors submenu:
Board Background Color: The background color outside of the 64 squares, where the move list and players' details appear.
Board Foreground Color: The color of the text in the background.
Board Clock Background: The background color of a running clock. (The other clock uses the above two colors.)
Board Clock Foreground: The text color of a running clock.
On the Board Fonts submenu:
Game Board Font: Players' names and other text on the board.
Game Clock Font: Allows the user in particular to choose the clock size without affecting the other text.

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