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Connecting to Internet Chess Club

When Lantern Chess interface starts, the connection dialog appears, prompting the user to enter the username and password of their Internet Chess Club account. The Tab and Enter keys work as expected.

The user may also reconnect via the File menu with Reconnect to ICC. The connection dialog will appear with the username field set, though it may still be changed. Note that the ICC server feedback appears in the M0 (main console) tab. It is also possible to Reconnect to Queen and Reconnect to ICC (alternate). The latter still connects to the main server, and may work when the first option fails, such as for some people behind firewalls (Lantern tries this automatically, as of version 5.50, if Reconnect to ICC does not succeed).

Note that the user does not have to close Lantern in order to disconnect from ICC. Simply issuing the command quit (or exit, logout) ends the session. This can also (as of version 5.51) be done from the File menu.

File menu showing conencting options
Connect to ICC dialog

Before submitting, one may check the box to save the login info in a file (not in plaintext).
Lantern can send a command, iloggedon, on login; in the Options / Features menu, select Send iloggedon. This is not a server command and will be ignored unless the user has created an alias with this exact name
(e.g., +al iloggedon multi +ch 1; +ch 46; +ch 221). ICC has a help alias file.

Lantern Sizing

This functionality to keep Lantern from opening maximized with a lantern_sizing.ini file still exists but is not neccesarry as of version 5.57(released Mar. 6 2016). On exiting if the interface is not maximized and the user is prompted to save settings on exit, then saving will save the interface's non maximized size for when it opens next. As of version 5.58(released Oct. 14, 2016), Mac users who quit by going to the Lantern menu at top of display and choosing "Quit Lantern", will now get the save settings dialog. Prior versions should click the X to close Lantern to save window sizes when prompted to save settings on exit.

A method to keep Lantern from opening maximized is users can create a file called lantern_sizing.ini, with the width and the height on the first and second lines, respectively. Note that Lantern will disregard the file if a value is too close to the corresponding resolution value. E.g., with a 1600x900 resolution, to open Lantern at half-width, one may set the width at 800 and the height at 700.
(Note: some console windows may not fit in the area they are supposed to use – one can maximize Lantern and adjust their positions, then select File / Save Settings.)

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