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Managing Qtells (Bot Tells)

Qtells are a special kind of tells that some bots can send to channels and players, which allow for multi-line, formatted responses. As in BlitzIn, Lantern shows qtells in a separate, customizable color, rather than using the channel color (except for the channel number) or the personal tell color. Lantern directs the personal qtells to the tab from which the user last sent a tell to the respective bot, and also, for single-line qtells by Tomato bots, to the tabs containing the respective bot's channel. The user can also choose to see the regular tells for a channel, but not the qtells (or vice versa). For example, the user may be interested in a tourney channel's chat among the players, but not tournament results. The user can set this from the tab menu. Except in the main (M0) tab, the preferred method is from the main tab dialog, set tab channels and name.

chat tab menu

The user can also select Manage Qtells For Channels on Tab on any tab. This opens a dialog, where the users can enter a channel number and then choose the qtell behavior via the radio buttons.

manage qtells or bot tells dialog

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