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Games: history, library, opening PGN, logging games

From the Actions menu, the top three items correspond to game lists. Show My Recent Games issues the history command. This shows the user's 20 most recently played chess games. ICC users also have a personal library of up to 400 games, which can be accessed with Show My Game Library or the liblist command. If the user has adjourned (unfinished) games, they can be seen with Show My Adjourned Games or the stored command. These can be seen for any ICC player, as well, e.g., by issuing /history Mike for player Mike's history.

A game list will appear like in the image below. The user can double-click to view a game or right-click on it for more options. (If, in the Options / Advanced menu, the user turns on Auto History Popup, double-clicking on a game becomes equivalent to a right-click.)

The game list for history can also be sorted  by each of
              the attributes shown.

PGN functionality

Lantern's PGN functionality is accessed through the Game / PGN menu.

By default, Lantern saves the user's games. This is controlled by the Log Pgn option. Lantern logs to the folder that the program is located, to a file named lantern_yourname.pgn.
The user can also enable logging of observed games by selecting Log Observed Games to Pgn. A pop-up will appear letting the user know where Lantern will log the chess games, separated by time control categories. These observed game files are lantern_oblitz.pgn, lantern_obullet.pgn, lantern_ostandard.pgn, and lantern_owild.pgn(variant game logging added in version 6.11). Also any game spositioned(the quick view of a game when not in examine mode) is saved to Pgn with this option. Version 6.08 released June 8th 2017 fixes some bugs in this including getting the file games go in wrong as well as the issue with users who had the chess alpha font for the moves list having the Pgn entered wrong when saved.

Selecting Open Pgn allows the user to open a PGN file. Once opened, a game list similar to the one above appears. Then, double-clicking on a game loads it into examine mode, while right-clicking offers additional options. In some versions prior to 5.58(released Oct. 14, 2016), the right click option of save game to library was not working. A work around is double click to load the game and then the user can type libkeepexam to save that game.

As of version 5.44 (released Jan. 25, 2015), PGN loading is much improved. Lantern can load more games successfully, automatically properly load wild chess games played on ICC, and handle games that did not start from the initial position, such as TrainingBot games.

Save Moves on Board to PGN

save to pgn menu item on board game tab.

As of version 6.09 released June 9th 2017, on double click on a game tab below board and above typing area, there is a save to PGN menu item on this popup menu. It saves the current state of the board to a PGN file of the user's choice. Examine games will not save with a result unless one is tagged. Example the commands tag result 1-0 tag result 0-1 or tag result 1/2-1/2. Observed, Played and Spositioned games will save with a result.

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