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Managing Personal Chat Tells

When a user starts Lantern for the first time, there are two consoles and tells go to the tell tab, set by default as the last tab, C11 (in the tab panel, the tell tab has a distinct border). When the user receives a personal tell, one of the consoles will switch to the tell tab; Lantern switches the console with 'tells' checked in the lower right (the same checkbox appears without 'tells' if the console uses the No Visible Tabs option in the console's Layout menu).

The user can change the destination for tells by opening a tab's popup menu and choosing make tell tab. This menu can be accessed from the console's Management menu (for the current tab), as well as by right-clicking or double-clicking on a tab's name. A keyboard shortcut to set the current tab as the tell tab is Ctrl + M. If the user opens the tell tab's popup menu and unchecks make tell tab, then tells will appear in the current tab for the console with 'tells' checked.

If the user wants to send all tells to a potentially non-visible tab, the Switch Tab On Tell option can be unchecked in the Options / Features submenu. By default, when a tell is received, Lantern will also add Tell <name> as a prefix command in the tell tab; this is controlled by the Add Name on Tell Switch option in the same menu.

F8 and F9 function keys - preparing tells

As with BlitzIn and Dasher, pressing the F9 (or F8) key will prepare /Tell <name>! in the typing field, where the name will be the last person to have sent or received a tell from the user. Additional presses of F8/F9 will cycle through previous matching people (Shift + F8/F9 cycles in the reverse order). The / overrides any prefix command in the console, so even if a prefix command is set, this allows the user to send a personal tell without changing the prefix command. The F8 key is supported because some OSes may override the F9 key.

Quarantine - formerly Direct tells

The user can also quarantine a particular player's tells, directing them to a specific console and optionally muting the regular personal tell sound. This option is accessed from the context menu on a player (e.g., Bob99), such as by double-clicking on a username in the console. Then, selecting Quarantine Bob99 brings up a dialog with these options. The quarantines reset on reconnect. (As of version 5.27, the user can also redirect channel tells with the quarantine. If selected, then any channel tells by Bob99 will also go to the chosen tab, independent of which tabs the tells for that channel are set to go.)

Note that (unless a console uses the No Visible Tabs layout) an inactive tab changes color if there is anything new since the tab was last visited in the console. Thus, the user can have a subtle way to tell if any tells were received after redirecting a player's tells to an otherwise unused tab.

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