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Keyboard Features

As of version 5.58(released Oct 14, 2016) the Console Menu Bar only shows the Edit menu for new installs. To use most shortcuts from the chat consoles, Appearance - Show Console Menu Bar needs to be selected. As of version 5.58, eight shortcuts not working on Mac were changed to be different than on Windows and Linux as follows: CMD + I or D inrease or decrease console font, CTRL + R is next tab and CTRL + L is previous Tab. CMD + B is show board, CMD + R is next board, CMD + L is previous board and CMD + K is close board. These are all shortcuts that can be used from the chat consoles that have the user's 12 tabs, i.e. user can control board from a chat console with the keyboard.

Combination Description
Alt + ↑ Increase/decrease font size in current tab
Alt + ↓
Alt + ← Switch to adjacent tab
Alt + →
Alt + 1-9,0 Switch to corresponding tab (chat console)
Alt + -
Alt + =
Alt + B Bring board to front
Alt + R Switch to adjacent game from chat console
Alt + L
Alt + X Close active game tab
Alt + T Cycle tells checkbox through chat consoles
Alt + Shift + T
Ctrl + M Make current tab the tell tab
Esc Clear the entry line
/ Escape prefix as first character of line
`‹text›` Show in `italics` in several interfaces
Ctrl + Enter Send command from unused tab
Cycle through recent commands
F8/F9 Cycle through recent tell senders and recipients
Shift + F8/F9
Ctrl + 1-9,0 Activate custom-set commands
Ctrl + G Google current input in line
Ctrl + F Highlight text in console typed in input line(find)
Ctrl + T Cycle through open chat and game consoles
Ctrl + Z Cycle through open chat consoles
Ctrl + C Cycle through game consoles sizes - typed from game console
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