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Info About Titled Chess Players and Games

On ICC, players may have FIDE titles of GM, WGM, IM, WIM, FM, and WFM. Sending who T will show the online titled chess players in a console. Lantern can issue (as of version 5.50) this command from Actions / Show Titled Players Online, in which case it will appear in the M0 (main console) tab.

The output of the who command may show special symbols before a player's name. In particular, the ^ means that player is in a game. Double clicking on a player's name will highlight it in the console and produce a menu. From this context menu the user can observe or follow the player, and access their profile and history. (The user can also see online players with a specific title, e.g., by sending who &GMs. Consult ICC's help who for the details.)

The command games *T returns games with at least one titled player. Correspondingly, observe *T opens some game involving a titled player. (Note that the T is capitalized and the * is not used with the who command.)

Top Games
The Top Games Window lists the top five chesss games featured by the ICC server's Events List (also accessible from Lantern's Activities Window), typically in a range of time controls. The information is dynamically updated. To display it, click Top Games on the toolbar or Windows / Top Games Window.

tiled chess players displayed in console via Actions menu - Show Titled Players Online
top chess games window

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