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Tournament Help

To find open tournaments to join the user can query the bot's for the tournaments they are running. To do this type in M0 or any tab on command (> selected bottom left of console) '/tell 220 tourn'. This sends a message to a private channel that others wont see and the bots will respond on that tab. Example it may return:

Cooly late SLEEPLESS NIGHTS SERIES #2 ("help Sleepless" for details) [SW br 3 0] Rnd 2/5/Late:4 Players:10 Mgr:alonzob

If it says open or late vs closed the user can try to join by typing '/tell bot join' or '/tell bot latejoin. In this case the user would type '/tell cooly latejoin'.

The times of the regularly scheduled tournaments can be seen( all times Eastern USA time or New York Time) by going(as of Lantern v6.22) in Lantern's menu to Game / Tournament Schedule. Some tournaments require you have at least 10 or 20 games in that rating category for example for cooly it's Blitz rating to join. Tomato uses challenge based ratings of Bullet ( times under 3 minutes) Blitz ( 3 minutes to under 15 minutes) and Standard ( 15 minutes and up) also Wild for any variant chess. These games can be played by going to Window's menu / Seek graph or Game / seek a game.

When you join a tournament the channel will be added if the user is not in it. To prevent if the user wants the bot from removing the channel at end of tournament type for example /tell tomato set auto_chan off. When a round starts if the user is paired there will be a suggest popup at start of round for who to challenge. If it goes away ( they challenged you first) then "match name" is always printed as a clickable hyperlink on channel tab of tournament channel where the text shows the round starting.

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