Lantern Chess - ICC Online - Mac Catalyst App

Now in Mac App Store as well as Lantern Chess - ICC Online.

Mac Signed Installer: LanternMacCatalyst1.0v.dmg 11 Megs

Lantern Chess - ICC Online Mac Catalyst App let's users connect to play on the Internet Chess Club as a member or guest. Members can also watch games, participate in tournaments, chat in channels, watch chess instruction videos in-app, as well as other features.

Some Features

  • Choice of 50 videos to watch for members
  • Join touranaments Option on the Board Tab
  • On-board chess engine option with multiple levels and both Chess and Variants including Chess960
  • Openings Explorer View
  • Advanced chat view, Split Chat, when Channel's list style setting is set to off on Settings tab
  • One click chess engine analysis when examining and observing games
  • Logs all user's games
  • Watch/Broadcast Board Option with lists of top games to watch going on at any time and Major Chess Games from Broadcasts.

Lantern Mac Catalyst App saves played games and keeps PGN at ~/Library/Containers/lanternfirst.Lantern-Chess/Data/Documents/ Game collections such as the users log file can be coppied out and PGN game files can be placed in here to Open within the App.

Lantern Chess - ICC Online on Mac Chess Board