OpeningTree - Chess Openings for iOS and Android Support

  For support contact me, Mike Adams, at lanternbugs at gmail. Feel free to just leave a comment if you want or ask a question.

   Search OpeningTree in iTunes or on in the App Store on an iOS device to find this App. For anyone who has the App and likes it, reviews are definitely welcome. It starts a dialog with anyone who comes to the App listing later and makes things all the more fun. Update - Feb 26 2019, we are now available on Android

  1.73 release, March 4th 2019, updated the database OpeningTree uses to name the opening as moves are made such as naming it French Defense or Ruy Lopez and also on iPad the variation such as Ruy Lopez Exchange varitation. There was a bug some of the openings were not getting names prior such as the King's Indian and Queen's Indian.

  Versions done between 1.60 and 1.72 increased the number of games the book is built from from 60,000 to 240,000 all both players over 2300 rated. Also Save Board to Pgn option is added and move now button in engine analysis.

  1.52 release In version 1.52 Openings gets a new icon. A graphic designer friend pitched in to help with this. It was an interactive process and I had three choices for the icon all the same drawing but different color choices and went with brown and white. Also some fixes to iPhone openings move list to show more line with less empty space between rows and better justification left to right of the text.

  1.51 release Version 1.51 extends the smarter PGN databasing by considering check when two pieces of same type can move to same square and it's not specified which and also offers two new board color choices.

  1.5 release OpeningTree now comes with six PGN files bundled the user can install if they have no games saved in opening tree. They are a mix of classical game collections, a file with a few hundred of former world champion Gary Kasparov's games, and two recent top level tournaments played in 2017. Just go to Actions menu -> load pgn for this. If the user has game files saved and deleted them they would see this option. This pgn is also available for download here at openingtreepgn.zip.

   PGN loading has been greatly improved since 1.2. More files can be succesfully loaded that would have failed before or not shown all the moves. The limit has moved from 500 games to 2500. Beyond that it cuts off loading more games from the file. While loading files is about the same speed it now caches the files so once opened the file opens instantly now if the user goes to select a second game. Touching and loading games from game list is now instant and not delayed like it was in the past. Names of white and black players and material count are prominently displayed on top of screen when a game is loaded.

   The move table move stats background on iPad changed to light gray in version 1.30. This is now user settable in version 1.50 and the old beige color can be restored in settings.

  1.3 release Formerly an in app purchase features allows users to mark moves with colors(red, green, yellow) and add moves that aren't there as well as annotate positions. This is now free as of version 1.3.

  1.2 release Now crafty analysis is an option as well as looking at the opening book. Crafty 23.4 is used with the permission of Robert Hyatt and the modified source to work in an iphone app is here. Additionally if you use this code you'll want to do #define IPHONE 1; somewhere. For example I do that in 'OpeningTree-Prefix.pch' in my project resources folder.

  1.1 release OpeningTree is a chess openings book that allows the user to explore the tree of openings in the book and study openings. The opening book is compiled from high rated games and the user can touch moves in list or make moves on board and see what the responses to these moves are. The numbers next to moves indicate how many games resulted in wins-draws-losses. The idea comes from a computer opening books as if we can open up the book and see what those moves are that people play in response to opening positions and use the opening study in our own chess games.

  In the Actions menu if the user has imported a PGN file to opening tree via iTunes or opened a PGN file via a mail attachment, a game from a PGN file can be loaded to check against the opening book. If a user over writes the game with a new move, back up to the main line to return to main line. After a game loads, the Actions menu will have 'Show Game Data'.

Importing PGN via Email Help

  If someone mails a PGN game file to themself as a mail attachment, they'll see the file embedded in the body of the email. Long touch on the file and release and an open with selection will appear then scroll and choose OpeningTree and it will load the file into its documents directory and make it available to view the games within it and select one. There's no search of PGN file or anything so I'd recommend smaller files of a few hundred games or fewer. There is a 2500 max game load limit and if the file is large it will only show the first 2500 games.

Pieces Info

  OpeningsTree uses Maurizio Monge's Fantasy, Spatial, and Eyes Chess Pieces with his permission. We also use Eric De Mund's adaptation of the Alpha, USCF and Merida chess pieces. "alpha" refers to Eric Bentzen's free Truetype chess font named "Alpha" and "merida" refers to Armando H. Marroquin's free Truetype chess font named "Mérida". (More info on alpha and merida see http://ixian.com/chess/#other they available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License and used unmodified by OpeningTree).

Update Feb 16 2019, I've learned the Alpha pieces by Eric Bentzen that De Mund adapted are only free for non commercial use. For commercial apps, Eric charges a fee of 50 eruos. He can be contacted at Eric at kan-hurtigt-skifte@sitestory.dk.