New Program arguments for pulsar atomic

index.html to download.

for whitebook put the name of your white book. example aw-abookwhi.txt. You can include a full path but dont use spaces. Use # for a space. example aw-c:\program#files\winboard\abookwhi.txt

aw-blackbook same idea

rc-pulsarrcfilename same idea and you can use # for a space here as well. Example rc-c:\program#files\winboard\myrcfile.txt

r2-pulsarrc2filename example r2-myrc2.txt

mbm-number the amount of moves it will make in book. It does one less than this number. i.e max book moves is always less than this. example mbm-6 to tell it to stay in book for no more than 5 moves.

mxA-1 through mxA-5 tells it to search to depth 1,2, 3, 4, or 5 as a fixed depth search. It will always search this depth. no more, no less.

To use program arguments after -fcp were you have pulsaratomic2007-8.exe put something like -fcp "pulsaratomic2007-8.exe max-2 mbm-10 rc-c:\program#files\winboard\myrcfile.txt" in the winboard bat file.

To test copy everything in the quotes, in this case- pulsaratomic2007-8.exe max-2 mbm-10 rc-c:\program#files\winboard\myrcfile.txt in a bat file by itself and click on it. It will open pulsar in console mode and you should have prompts for each program argument saying its been modified and what to.

pulsar.rc2 file

pulsar will now except a pulsar.rc2 file for atomic. you can specify exact piece values and other things.

The format is nameoffield then the value as a number and the last line is $. So its pairs of filednames and values. example:


click on the console to see all the values you can modify and what their current values are. Be sure to type quit to close the pulsar console to free memory. The pawn advance table can still only be modified by the pulsar.rc file.

More rc and rc2 files

you can also use pulsarLosers.rc2, pulsarSuicide.rc2, and pulsarcrazy.rc2. Again click on the console to see what values you can modify. There are fewer values you can modify in these files but you can modify all the pieces.

the regular version of pulsar ( code that controls 3checks, twokings, shuffle chessand regular chess ) can no longer have its evaluate modified by a pulsar.rc file as that controls atomic but you can use a pulsar2.rc file. Works the same as explained on pulsar.html for how to use the pulsar2.rc file. a pulsar2.rc2 file is not yet available.