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Mac Download

LanternChess622.dmg Is our new easy to use Installer on Mac(If not on current Mac OS, Catalina, make sure you right click on dmg you downloaded and select open to have option to open it, Catalina users can just double click). Just run the installer and drag Lantern to the Applications folder. No need to get Java, its bundled with application. Size 92 Megs.

The Lantern iOS Mac Catalyst version optimized for Mac is available as a download now on a seperate page.

Windows/Linux Download version 6.21 - Works with most Java versions. Mac Users who just want the jar and have Java can use this too.

By Mike Adams - LanternBugs at gmail
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Lantern Help Index

Lantern Chess - an ICC Interface is also available for iOS and Android.

No Chessclub account and want to try, choose Guest In the Connection Dialog and play for Free.

To sign up for a Chesslcub account register here. This application can be used with a 30 day trial if not had yet.

Click the Lantern Chess Screenshot For Full Size

Crazyhouse and Bughouse
crazyhouse and bughouse support
Activities Window with Seeks, Notify and Event List
event list, seeks graph, top games to watch
Chess Engine Analysis with Stockfish
chess engine analysis in lantern interface
Wallpaper and Lookup User Popup
Wallpaper - Lookup User View
Customizable Board Colors and Fonts.
seek a chess game dialog and customizable board
Circles and Arrows
chess board in interface

Client for ICC that runs on Mac, Linux and Windows

Lantern is a free open source interface to ICC. Chessclub.com users download a client to connect to the server.

Interface Features

  • Load UCI chess engines such as Stockfish(Stockfish now bundled with Lantern on Windows and Mac) - Display multiple lines of analysis - Customize analysis background foreground and font - Includes a built in Chess Openings Book - Chess Engine Analysis
    chess engine analysis snapshot
  • Open Pgn files, logs played games to a Pgn file, can log all observed games to Pgn
  • Over a dozen board and piece choices for use in online play. Customize board colors and font sizes - tabbed chess board with simul support and board console(which can be moved to side of board for largest board sizes)
  • Both multi console and chat tabs supported - can group multiple channels on tabs - can have a different font on each tab - Set every channel and text color - Set the main application wallpaper or background color
  • Toolbar with easy access to User Buttons, Notify Window, Activities Window, Seek Graph and Top Games to watch - Pool buttons(such as 5-minute) on toolbar
  • Supports all chess variants on ICC including Crazyhouse(only Mac interface with Crazyhouse), Checkers and Bughouse -- had a piece pallette in examine mode to set up chess positions - circles and arrows while examining
  • Select a name in console for a menu of context commands to look at the players profile, history or library, challenge them or observe them
  • Actions menu to show users recent game, library or adjourned games, look at users profile, show rating graphs, follow broadcast - Game menu has enter examination mode, examine last game

Different Boards Click For Full Size

Crampled Paper - CCube Pieces
Crampled Paper Board with CCube Chess Pieces
Purple Chess Board with Xboard Pieces
Light Wood
Light Wood Chess Board with Fantasy Pieces

Customizable Analysis Colors

Wood-4 Board with Alpha Pieces and White analysis background
Gray Marble
Gray Marble Board and Eboard Classic Pieces
Red Marble
Red Marble Board and Bookup Pieces

Built in Chess Openings Book on Options menu - click for full size.

Wood-4 Board with Alpha Pieces and White analysis background and  opening book view

Lantern is a Java Interface to ICC

Install Java if not installed. It can be off in web browsers. Only versions 5.82 and up work on version 9 and greater. Legacy Mac Java works as well.

Download the JRE(runtime) if Java not installed.
Right click jar downloaded and choose open with Java or Jar Launcher or double click jar file.

Additional Information

Of interest, project contributor Andrey, my BlitzIn plugins

Prior to starting this interface, I made the Pulsar Chess Program which plays chess and variants such as Atomic, Crazyhouse, Losers, Three Checks, Chess960, and Giveaway. There is an iOS version as well.

The opening book in lantern accessible from Options when examining is from my OpeningTree app.

Source Code

We are an open source program and on github.com at lanternicc

Change Log